Our Service

Making Connectivity Simple

Stratto provides a one-stop service for customers suffering poor, in-building mobile coverage for a flat monthly rate with no upfront capital costs.  Just like a utility bill.

We handle all the complexity and deliver a complete, end-to-end managed service, tailored to your requirements, that provides your customers and workers with a world-class mobile experience.

Business Benefits

Building occupants and owners have a tremendous opportunity to enhance their bottom line through the increased use of mobile technology within their buildings.


  • Increase productivity of employees & guests across all their devices and carriers.
  • World-class customer experience that drives up Net Promoter Scores and other customer satisfaction metrics.
  • Grow customer loyalty, drive sales and deliver continuous improvements to grow brand value.
  • Be seen as an innovator which enhances your property and company‘s value and desirability.


We deliver great indoor mobile coverage and speed in partnership with Mobile Network Operators.

We handle all the complexity & technology, with no upfront capital costs on your part.


We design, install and operate a “carrier compliant” network in your facility and then provide all the 24/7/365 support necessary to keep it running and problem free.

We do this for each Mobile Operator where coverage is a problem and maintain it so it’s future-proof.


80% of all wireless usage in indoors and buildings destroy cell signals creating poor service and dead zones.

Usage is growing and new technologies such as IoT and 5G are looming.

Your business will suffer if you don’t provide it.


Your guests, tenants or employees expect and demand reliable & fast mobile coverage.

It can be complex and time consuming to sort this out.

We do this for a living so you can focus on running your business.

Our Process



Stratto will complete a survey of each site to determine what factors impact mobile connectivity.



Our engineers use the assessed knowledge to design the optimal solution architecture for each site.


Using your custom design, we install and deploy our technology without a heavy upfront cost.



We remain as your trusted, single point of contact for all aspects of management & maintenance.

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